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couple_of_jerks's Journal

Couple of Jerks
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This is a community in which a couple of internet jerks procrastinate on icon-making. After all, how can anyone tell that we're putting it off if there isn't somewhere to keep track of our pissing around? I knew you'd see it my way.

This journal will contain retardedness and dickery, you have been so totally warned.

"I'll get you, Batman!!"

Sometimes I make gay icons and sometimes I make icons about jerks, sometimes I get to do both at once and then I am super happy. I don't color in manga scans because I am hella lazy. No resources to link because I am a champion. Once I sniped a copy of Tea for Two from right in front of a gaggle of teenage girls. Another time I cast the tie-breaking vote against this guy who was annoying the crap out of me, and it was one of the more satisfying moments of my life. I do not like pie.
"I am justice!"

Pretty much I like to icon random gay manga(and doujinshi) that most people don't even know exsists till they hit North America via some publishing company. I love coloring manga scans!! I hate adding text to icons. I wanted to share some of my jerk stories, but once I got thinking about all the jerk things I have done, I decided they best they not be repeated in mixed company. I don't want angry villagers with pitch forks at my door step.
profile codes from xplastique @ lj

being jerks, dickbutt, dickery, glunk, icons, procrastinating, signthepaper!